Lead Photographer

It was 2005 when Darren Miles turned his personal passion for photography into a profession, urged to do so by those who’ve come across his growing portrait portfolio. Self-taught, he’s become a go-to resource for other professional photographers for equipment reviews and built a reputation for stunning composition and a unique ability to place subjects at ease in front of the camera.

Whether architectural studies in the Naples area, wedding packages booked far in advance, family portraiture or professional headshots, Darren approaches each shot with a personal commitment to produce images that will be treasured. His photography career began, simply enough, as a proud father chronicling the growth of his two sons, and a nagging absence in family snapshots of his own childhood.

“I always treasured family pictures, but like a lot of younger siblings it’s hard not to notice the number of pictures of the kids seemed to decrease with each child,” he said. “Lots of pictures of my oldest brother, fewer of my sister and the next brother, and I was fourth and what pictures there are of my childhood were sparse. I started taking pictures seriously to make sure my kids got equal play in the family albums.”

Sharing pictures of his sons, Kaiden and Max, spawned requests to photograph friends’ children, family portraits, and soon after requests to shoot weddings. Meanwhile, his arsenal of knowledge and technique was growing as fast as demand for his work.

“That it all began with Kaiden and Max keeps me grounded in knowing the images I create will mean something years from now, perhaps even to people who aren’t even born yet,” Darren said. “It’s personal for me; I’m always focused on bringing the same care to capturing the person, the moment, that I bring to my own family history.”

Lauren Barrow

Associate Photographer

I’m Lauren! Free spirited, caffeine addict, creative born and raised in sunny SWFL! Local and destination photographer. I'm a big-time lover of natural light which means I primarily use that oh-so-sweet Florida sunshine to encompass all of my shots.

My goal in photography is to capture your honest and true emotions so that when you look back on your photos, you are flooded with the feelings and memories of the moment you said, "HECK YES" to your future soulmate for life, to the look in your lovers eye when you walk down the aisle and he sees you for the first time, to the first days of your little baby's sweet life, or to a creative solo portrait. 

The moments you want frozen in time are so special to me! It is my joy to capture them for you and to be a part of making your story!