My Review of the Canon 17mm f/4 L TS-E Lens

Published May 6th, 2017 by Devteam

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Conclusion: so to wrap up this review we gave the Canon TS-E 17 mm F4L lens a 46/50 and our highly recommended reading The final word: if you're an architectural or real estate photographer tilt shift lenses are in my opinion a nice supplement to Ultra wide-angle lenses – especially for big wide open scenes that give you a lot of room to straighten out the edges of buildings and or homes. It's a really nice effect, and it does bring more realism to photographs, but in my specific line of work I find that 17 mm is a more significant limitation than the benefit of straightening out edges that these lenses offer. Again this is not to say that these lenses aren't optically excellent, because they are, they just don't work for me often enough in too many situations to justify their steep price points, speaking for myself, I prefer autofocus lenses that are considerably wider, because I'm not 100% sure that I could live with 17 mm being at the widest lens in my camera bag.

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