COURSE: Real Estate Photography for the Real World

LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate

$149 $49


COURSE:  Real Estate Photography for The Real World

LEVEL:  Beginner to Intermediate.  

Cost: $149

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This course is aimed at the photographer who's looking to break into the Real Estate photography business and will cover the following topics:

  • The necessary gear for a variety of budgets, from the bare minimums for the rookie who’s just breaking in all the way to the seasoned professional who may need to tweak just one or two little things in their existing arsenal of gear to break in to the real estate photography marketplace

  • We’ll explore lighting, composition, and techniques for showcasing properties for the digital marketplace. 

  • You’ll hear from actual clients and what they require from their real estate photography professionals 

  • We’ll touch on website and virtual tour hosting

  • We'll take you on actual shoots - how to photograph Front Elevations, Kitchens, Master Bedrooms and Bathrooms, and an entire shoot of a multi-million dollar estate home, in addition to other special features of homes and how to frame them for the best possible presentation in the digital marketplace

  • Managing Post Processing - From Basic Editing all the way to advanced photoshopping for those higher end homes - including when it's time to outsource.

  • Setting up your business

  • The future - Video, Matterport and Drones 

  • Most importantly prospecting - how to get paying clients in the first place.

We all come to photography for reasons as individual as our images. Whether your passion’s been fine art, portraiture, even sports, life with a camera is a lifelong quest to capture the perfect image, each in our way.

Along the way, you’ve acquired a set of skills – camera knowledge, an eye for composition, color and lighting that is unique, and very much in demand. I’m Darren Miles of Darren Miles Photography, and I photograph over 1,000 homes per year as Real estate photographers are constantly in demand in a digital marketplace wholly reliant on quality, professional images of properties.

Maybe you’re an enthusiast looking to merge your work life with your hobby. Maybe you’ve already done some commercial work, or wedding photography – and competing really hard for each job. Maybe you think real estate sounds boring. Maybe shooting houses and commercial properties isn’t your thing.

"But for every hundred wedding photographers, there’s only one or two real estate photographers agents feel they can rely on."

Artistically, you’re not taking pictures of a house, you’re sparking the dream of a new home to a young family, you’re assuring the couple downsizing for retirement that there’s a place with comfort and security. On the commercial side, every office, industrial site, and storefront is the start of an entrepreneurial vision, a legacy, the beginning of a story.

Real estate sales is all about images. No one knows that better than the agents willing to pay well for skilled photographers, and honest images that show more than houses and buildings, but homes and dreams.

Together, we’ll explore where your photographic aesthetic and style finds common ground with agents looking to capture the attention and imagination of buyers. There are “tricks of the trade,” that spur real estate agents to call you again and again to illuminate their listings.

And Now I’m pleased to announce that Camp Miles - Real Estate Photography for the Real World is available on line for digital download for less than the cost of what I charge to photograph just one property.

I’m Darren Miles, and I want to take you and your camera to the lucrative world of real estate photography.

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