Grow Your Photo Biz


LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate


This course is aimed at the photographer who's looking to break into the Real Estate photography business and will cover the following topics:
  • The necessary gear for a variety of budgets, from the bare minimums for the rookie who's just breaking in all the way to the seasoned professional who may need to tweak just one or two little things in their existing arsenal of gear to break in to the real estate photography marketplace
  • We'll explore lighting, composition, and techniques for showcasing properties for the digital marketplace.
  • You'll hear from actual clients and what they require from their real estate photography professionals
  • We'll touch on website and virtual tour hosting
  • We'll take you on actual shoots - how to photograph Front Elevations, Kitchens, Master Bedrooms and Bathrooms, and an entire shoot of a multi-million dollar estate home, in addition to other special features of homes and how to frame them for the best possible presentation in the digital marketplace
  • Managing Post Processing - From Basic Editing all the way to advanced photoshopping for those higher end homes - including when it's time to outsource.
  • Setting up your business

  • The future - Video, Matterport and Drones
  • Most importantly prospecting - how to get paying clients in the first place.

I’ve finally revamped camp miles, real estate photography for the real world, and Version 2.0 is finally ready for the world.

So What’s Different?

Well, for starters, the main emphasis of the course is still how to get up and running with a successful real estate photography business - and we'll cover all the essentials - everything from what gear to buy, how to frame and compose your shots, how to light, how to post process everything from HDR, to outsourcing, and this time we'll get much more in depth with photoshopping techniques and you'll get many of the raw files taken from the actual shoots within the course and you'll be able to use those images to practice on, all to help build that foundation of post processing for your real estate images, and we'll also cover what I believe to be the single most underrated aspect of nearly every photography course, and that is, how to get clients in the first place - you might be the most gifted photographer on the planet, but if no one knows you exist, the world will never get a chance to see your skills and your beautiful photos in action.  We're going to show you how.  

That said, don't go into this course if your sole purpose for buying is only to learn a photoshop tip or two, don't get me wrong, you'll get that, but please understand that's not the main emphasis.

If you previously purchased the course, send me an e-mail to for special upgrade pricing.

The course is being put out there for a limited time, all 6 hours, photoshop cheat sheets, shooting setup cheat sheets, walkthroughs of actual shoots and the thought process that goes into creating each photograph, etc and all for just $297.  You heard that right $297 to get you going in your real estate photography career.

The links to purchase are down below, or you can go to the dedicated web page to hear my story and the genesis of the course.

I'm Darren Miles, and I'm looking forward to taking you and your camera into the lucrative world of real estate photography.

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