Family Portraiture

Whether marking a new addition to the family, or simply adding to a chronicle of a family growing together, family portraits can capture a moment and survive as treasured family heirlooms. They’re often taken to be presented as gifts, but the true gift is in preserving a moment for future generations.

“I see it as an awesome responsibility that the pictures I take of kids and families may well be viewed a hundred years from now,” says photographer Darren Miles. “Pictures survive, and the toddler in my viewfinder today will one day be a grandparent and these images will be viewed by generations a long time to come.”

“Today’s family portrait is a statement to future generations,” he says. “It says ‘here we are,’ not just what we looked like when the picture was taken, but capturing their personalities and sense of belonging. It’s important to me, and to the photo, to get make the session feel like a family event. Your kids needn’t sit perfectly still – that’s not who they are and won’t result in a photo you’ll treasure. Instead, I focus on letting the family feel comfortable, laugh together, and capture them being themselves on a great day.”

"Most gratifying to me is being called upon year after year with the same family. It's a photographic family history, a chronicle of the child's growth," he says. "I take the same care as I do with my own kids, always smiling to myself when I imagine their kids and grand kids seeing these someday."

"Photographing newborns is a particular joy, as most parents admit with regret that they don't have a great picture of their child soon after birth, and it's notoriously difficult to do justice with an amateur snapshot," he says. "I always make these sessions a priority, they grow up so fast."


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