My Review of the Owl Dolly Beholder MS-1 3 Axis Gimbal

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CONCLUSION: So to wrap up this review, we gave the Beholder MS-1 a 46/50 and our highly recommended rating. Now, it’s not without its limitations, as there are some downsides to the Beholder, specifically, straight out of the box it can be a bit challenging to balance certain lens and camera combinations – even if the camera and lens combination is under the maximum weight allowed – fortunately, as we were wrapping up the review and as was mentioned several times during the review – we now have an included plate adapter – this adapter now ships with all MS-1’s and that’a a great thing! Because in some instances without it we couldn’t move the camera far enough left or right on the screw axis to balance the unit appropriately, which is to say the camera hit the limit of the screw axis and as such, it was slightly out of balance, and it showed in the results as the MS-1 would tilt to one side or the motors would quit. Fortunately, the adapter solves the bulk of those problems and when you work with a camera and lens combination that balances easily and is under the maximum weight – good examples are the GH4 with any of Olympus’s primes, The Olympus OM-D series with an Olympus Prime lens, the sony A6000 and A7 series, finally there’s the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera – which again, I don’t have but OwlDolly says that was the camera they had in mind when they designed the MS-1 – with any of those cameras, then the results the MS-1 is capable of delivering are indeed impressive. Just keep in mind the adapter adds just about 2 ounces of weight or just under 57 Grams – not a huge penalty for the enormous increase in flexibility.

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