My Review of the Sony A7Rii

We gave the A7r Mark ii a 66/70 and our HIGHLY RECOMMENDED RATING…

The FINAL WORD: If you shoot landscape, portraits or are a serious videographer/cinematographer, then the Sony A7r Mark ii is a simply awesome camera capable of delivering stunning results… Beautiful color, killer dynamic range, amazing, amazing high ISO capability, etc, It’s a total no-brainer plus Sony also encourages adapting to third party lenses via adapters, meaning lens selection isn’t limited to Sony’s rather narrow – but improving – native lens selection.-

On the other hand, I’m personally not comfortable recommending the A7rii specifically to wedding photography professionals – the lack of dual memory card slots, to me is like playing with fire, don’t do it, it’s rare for a card to fail, but I think you’re better off going in a different direction for a primary camera Body with two memory card slots, second, as previously mentioned, the AF is still kind of spotty in low light situations, it’s better than previous A7s, but still misses often enough to make the hair on the back of my neck stand on end, and finally, small and as compact as they are, battery life on the A7rii and frankly the A7 series of cameras in general is terrible. For the record, I could work around the battery issues, but the AF and 1 memory card slot would force me specifically to pass as a wedding photographer on the A7rii… By the way, I’ll probably ultimately get an A7r ii, as I shoot a lot of real estate and portraits – two areas where I think the A7Rii would shine…

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